2 Psych NP's needed for Washington Facility (23726994)

Location: Washington - Northern
Duration: Not Specified
Job ID: 8CD84E9A22 (23726994)
Company: Alliance Recruiting Resources, Inc
Contact: ARR Recruiting Coordinator    Call: 8007598203
Job Posted: 08/01/22

2 Psych NP's needed for Washington Facility - 8CD84E9A22 (23726994)

Location: Washington Specialty Needed: Psych NP BC/BE Requirements: na Length Of Assignment: ongoing Facility Type: hospital BH unit Up through the early portion of the 19th century, the portion of the Yakima Valley where Sunnyside is now located was inhabited by the "Taptat-hlama" (or ?People at the rapids"). These people hunted and fished along Yakima River from the mouth of Satus Creek (contained in present-day Satus immediately southwest of Sunnyside) to present Kiona, with a key fishery at near present-day Prosser. Several tribes in the region were relocated onto the Yakama Indian Reservation following the 1855 signing of a treaty with the federal government.[5][6] However, the Yakima War lingered until 1858, with Chief Kamiakin fighting on until the Battle of Four Lakes in 1858. The modern settlement of Sunnyside was founded by Walter Granger in 1893. The name was coined by a merchant named W. H. Cline. Granger was involved in the financing and construction of the Sunnyside Canal which would have allowed Yakima River water to irrigate the area. However, due to the Panic of 1893, Granger's creditors foreclosed on the canal, and the town's population dwindled to seven families. By the end of 1901, the population had doubled, finally exceeding 300 people. The site contained "1 bank, 11 stores, 3 hotels, 1 newspaper [the Sunnyside Sun, still publishing in 2020], 2 blacksmith shops, 2 livery barns, 3 churches, and a large and growing school".[7] Alliance Recruiting Resources, Inc.