Private Family seeking at home nurse for 14 year old boy with advanced health care needs (23209369)

Location: California - FAIRFIELD
Duration: Not Specified
Job ID: 23209369
Company: Private Family
Contact: Meri Stratton-Phelps    Call: 707-421-1543
Practice Type:   Private
Job Salary:   Hourly
Job Posted: 01/19/22

Private Family seeking at home nurse for 14 year old boy with advanced health care needs - 23209369

Feeling tired and burned out from months and months of COVID care? Are you looking for a break from the stress of hospital practice? Then we would love to welcome you into our home to help provide nursing care for my 14 year old son. 

My son has type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and is an amazing young man. He is smart and creative and is in the middle of his 8th grade year, attending school virtually through a VGo telepresence robot. 

Diagnosed with SMA at 2 months of age, my son has defied medical statistics and his original medical care team that all but promised me that he would die before 2 years of age. SMA has resulted in almost complete paralysis of his limbs, but has not affected his mind or imagination. My son is verbal, and can communicate his needs as well as can carry on extensive conversations on a variety of topics. His great passion is Walt Disney, and the development of the Disney parks. 

Nursing care needed is focused on respiratory therapy three times daily (nebulization therapy, CoughAssist treatments, shaker vest use, thoracic percussions) along with frequent suction during his awake hours. Nursing care during the day would be helpful. Any availability for care during the night or early morning hours (monitoring the pulse oximeter, refilling the feeding bag, and turning my son from side to side every 1-2 hours), or on weekends (respiratory care and general care) would be especially phenomenal. 

My son uses a BiPap to breathe (Triology 100), but is not BiPap dependent. He is fed medical formula with a CRI through a G-tube. His room (second story of the house) is fully equipped with everything necessary for his care. Strict protocols are followed to decrease the spread of respiratory viruses, especially during the cold and flu season. We have both been fully vaccinated against COVID.

I'm a newly single mom working full time from home while trying to manage my son's medical care needs. The right nurse will be competent, compassionate, and caring and will be able to work in providing care for my son with guidance from me, his mom, and his only caretaker. I am a veterinarian, internist and nutritionist so have a background in medical care which will help us to be able to build a trusting relationship to optimize his care.

Working hours and hourly pay rate negotiable.

 Respiratory therapy (oral suctioning, pulmonary toilet with nebulizations, use of CoughAssist, thoracic percussions (by hand), familiarity with BiPap machine (Triology 100) and BiPap mask use)

General nursing care for a recumbent patient (positioning, hygiene care (diaper changes), occasional bathing and dressing)

Willingness to take guidance from patient's mother for respiratory and medical care 

Fully vaccinated against COVID, and willing to wear a face mask (provided) during work periods

Occasional overnight and weekend availability a huge plus

Comfort in driving a handicap van not necessary but would be nice