Nurse Practitioner jobs from AltaMed Health Services

Nurse Practitioner Jobs from AltaMed Health Services

Good health does not start and end at the doctor’s office.

Access to convenient, culturally-sensitive care is essential, but it takes so much more to help our communities grow healthy – including equitable access to schools, good jobs, healthy foods, essential services, and elected officials who reflect and respect the people they serve.

It takes a community – that’s why we’re committed to educating, engaging, and mobilizing our members, our staff, our partners, and our leaders.

Our Mission and Vision

At AltaMed, we are on a mission to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services through an integrated delivery system for Latino, multi-ethnic and often-overlooked communities in Southern California.

Our goal is to be your leading community-based provider of quality health care and human services.

Core Values
  • Patients always come first
  • Employees are our most valuable asset
  • Encourage process excellence and innovation for quality outcomes
  • Promote wellness and advocate for strong and healthy communities
  • Integrity, honesty, and respect in all of our endeavors
  • Commitment to teamwork

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Title Location Updated
Nurse Practitioner California 05/06/22 View
Nurse Practitioner California-Los Angeles 05/04/22 View
Nurse Practitioner California-Orange County 05/04/22 View
Nurse Practitioner California-Los Angeles 05/03/22 View

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